About us


We work every day to expand boundaries of flavor and service by providing:

  • Single Origin & Micro Lot as Espresso
  • Single Origin Filter Coffees with amazing flavor profiles
  • Revolutionary high-end equipment supply with Synesso and ANFIM
  • Practical brewing equipment and accessories for professional and domestic use.



We utilize only single origin specialty coffee and roast it in small Batches in order to maintain the integrity it deserves by enhancing our overall quality control with each and every bean.

What’s more is, we carefully vet all affiliate products and equipment and choose to work only with brands, companies and people that share our strive for excellence.


We, as a group, believe that our dedication in advancing the local coffee industry through quality, education and overall attitude towards sharing the experience, reinforces our collective as the ‘Specialty Batch’.

We have no secrets and so, we set forth to inspire, collaborate and grow the community.

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