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Over the last 50 years, ANFIM has been exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing and perfection of a wide range of coffee grinders. Considered by coffee professionals worldwide as among the top choice in grinders, ANFIM assure extreme reliability, efficiency and a long life thanks to a high quality build.

The PROFESSIONAL series hosts a variety of models to suit all the needs of busy restaurants,cafés and bars with the capability of grinding on demand and dosing consistently with the same amount of coffee each and every time. With a unique grind control modification, these grinders can reduce your coffee wastage by 15% - 35%, while still giving the barista as much control as required.

The SEMI-PROFESSIONAL series work equally well in a lower volume environment or in the homes of true quality coffee lovers.

All models with a doser feature the world-renowned Anfim doser, which dispenses 100% of the coffee into the portafilter unlike almost any other grinder on the market.

Anfim's greatest benefits are its doser and its timer. These grinders have one of the most technologically advanced timers found today on a grinder; digitally timing your dose to 1/100th a second. The precise timer and clean doser means very little coffee wastage for a busy cafe.

Recent surveys reveal that cafes have reported saving as much as 400g of coffee per day thanks to the Anfim grinder.

For a home consumer, a high end digital timer on a grinder means you get more shots of espresso per bag of coffee.



ANFIM Grinders

Designed with the barista in mind, the Barista grinder is Anfim's top model and is ideally suited for high volume locations. The powerful yet quietww low-speed motor prevents the ground coffee overheating making this grinder ideal for busy sites where a doser is desired.


  • 75mm steel blades
  • Motor: 0.6HP
  • 800 revs/min with overload protection
  • Hopper capacity: 2kg
  • Dimensions: 195 x 370 x 570 (h)
  • Weight: 18kg
  • 13amp plug
  • Grind speed: 7g in 2.5 seconds
  • Latest Anfim Adjustment Collar with 90 steps
  • Omron digital timer, programmable to 1/100th second, enabling accurate dosing
  • On-Demand with countdown shown on the digital display
  • Cooling fan supplying a continuous flow of fresh air to avoid overheating during even the busiest periods
  • Purge button
  • Manual push button
  • Lifelong Titanium blades available

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