Emporium - Panama
In the cup, the Emporium appears stable, distinct and intense flavors of brown sugar and toasted bread-like crust. Quite complex with mango, lychee and rose. Too sweet Valencia orange acidity and very clean aftertaste.

Emporium is the new name given by Graciano Cruz after he acquired the farm from his brother Eduardo in 2007. Previously, this farm was known as Dona Berta. After placing among the top 10 coffees in the annual Best of Panama competition in 2004 and 2005, Dona Berta became a world-wide know Panamanian coffee farm.

Originally, this 14 Ha estate was divided into three smaller sections that belonged to three brothers. They independently planted first coffee trees approximately 40 years ago using various cultivars. Nowadays, the cultivar diversity is the primary reason of the current unique taste of Emporium microlots.

However, Emporium is not a coffee-only estate. Half of the property abounds with fruit trees of different types: oranges, mandarins, lemons, tangelos, guavas and avocados. Emporium is more like a garden rather than coffee plantation. During the blossoming period, when all the different aromas intermix, Emporium becomes a true paradise of scents and colors. We, gained 90 kg since microlot n.5 to offer from this year's production.

Country: Panama
Region: Boquet, Volcan Baru
Farm: Emporium Estate
Varietal: 100% Yellow Catuai
Process: Natural processing, African raised beds
Altitude: 1,600 - 1,650 m
Producer: Graciano Cruz
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