Lycello - Panama
Amazing aromas of thyme and jasmine. Delicate in flavor, with notes of basil and milk chocolate and tantalizing sweet acidity of lime and cascara. "Simplicity" is a proud characteristic of this coffee.

Lycello is a washed coffee, varietal Gesha by Ninety Plus and their farm "Gesha Estate" in Volcan, Ninety Plus is a vertically integrated coffee producer with an international reputation for rare and exclusive coffees. Ninety Plus is a coffee producer focussed on innovations in processing and Taste Profile development.

What sets Ninety Plus apart from other green coffee competitors is that they don't just scout the equatorial latitudes looking for coffee harvests by farmers, hoping they have grown good beans that might make flavorful coffee. They do something unique: they collaborate with farmers and provide varietal selection, harvesting, sorting, and processing techniques, to produce exceptional and distinctive branded coffee tastes.

Country: Panama
Region: Volcan
Farm: Ninety Plus Gesha Estates
Varietal: 100% Gesha
Process: Washed W2
Altitude: 1,600 m
Producer: Ninety Plus Coffee
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