We pride ourselves on our “specialty” approach to the wholesale market. Working different to all other local roasters and coffee brands, we work towards becoming synonymous with high-end coffee supply and distribution through a selective screening process.  By doing so, we can firmly say that we do not have any real comparable competitors.  We don't aim at positioning ourselves as one of the leading coffee suppliers for mere volume but rather for unprecedented quality.

You can be sure that when our brand is visible on the shelves of a café, then 1 - we believe that the café is dedicated to providing their customers with exceptional service and quality and 2 - the coffee staff have successfully completed our extensive training program.

Furthermore, we make sure that our clients are provided with comprehensive ongoing support and quality checks to ensure that they are capable of offering their customers the best coffee experience possible.

How comprehensive we hear you ask? Well, we actively source the finest coffee at origin, we invest heavily in state of the art roasting equipment and highly educated staff, we have an expert team of technicians, we offer world class training through the SCAA at our purpose-built COFFEE TRAINING FACILTY and we have leading industry professionals assigned to each client so you have one point of contact who understands your business.

Everyday, we keep working towards serving our clients better. At SPECIALTY BATCH, we strongly believe that your success is our success.

If you're a cafe owner and interested in Specialty Batch Coffee or you're interesting in buying a Synesso™ you can get in contact with one of our sales team using the contact form below and a sales representative with get back to you shortly.

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