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“Specialty Coffee is dynamic...

It’s a particular segment of coffee that is not generic or mass produced.”

Specialty Coffee is so much more than fancy flavour descriptors, flashy equipment and elaborate serving vessels. It’s appreciating the combined effort of everyone involved with those beans before it ends up in your cup as an exceptionally tasting coffee.

Although there is a more industry specific definition for the term, we consider it more just a term that can be used to define a coffee, a trend or even market a brand.  Above all, it’s about experiencing the best flavours and unique characteristics of a coffee that is traceable. In other words, where exactly it was grown, harvested and processed, all within the last 6-8 months. Then, artfully roasted as close to home as possible to a specific recipe within the last 7-30 days. And finally, prepared skilfully to exacting standards, within the last couple of minutes from when you had that first sip.

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