Bentwood Vertical 63 Single Dose Coffee Grinder


Additional Info

The Bentwood Vertical 63 Single-Dose Coffee Grinder is an exciting & new commercial-grade grinder that is suitable for the full spectrum of coffee brewing methods. The unique geometry of the 63mm special steel burrs helps extract greater body and complexity from your coffee. In order to maintain temperature consistency, an integrated double ventilation system helps the powerful motor and the grinder stay cool. This grinder also boasts extremely low retention thanks to a vertically-mounted burr set.

Bentwood Vertical 63 Features

  • Step-less grind adjust with micrometric dial
  • Covers the full spectrum of coffee grinding, including:
    • Cold Brew
    • French Press
    • Drip Coffee
    • Pour Over
    • Espresso
    • Turkish
  • Unique geometry steel burrs ensure consistency and speed to keep up with even the busiest rush hours.
  • Vertically mounted flat burrs greatly reduces retention for single dosing
  • Double ventilation system
  • Quiet grinding
  • Programmable, timed dosing
  • Maintains grind setting with minimal to no adjustments needed
  • Extra durable hopper, with special closing mechanism to reduce oxidation of beans
  • Portafilter Holder included, that works for all portafilters
  • Dosing funnel (58mm) delivered with every grinder

Technical Details

  • Burr Size: 63mm
  • Burr Type: Flat
  • Burr Material: Special Steel
  • Hopper Capacity: 600g
  • RPM: 1400
  • Dimensions:  7.8″W x 16.4″D x 22.5″H
  • Weight: 46lbs
  • Volts: 220-240
  • Watts: 660
  • Amps: 6.0


Warranty Information

All new Bentwood grinders include a 1-year parts warranty.


Each grinder is factory tested and calibrated with actual coffee beans prior to being sold. Therefore, it is normal to have some coffee residue/dust/particles leftover from the calibration process in a “factory new” grinding machine.