synesso es1 machines

Synesso ES1

Introducing our premium home espresso machine, the ES1. Built by Synesso experts for home use, for a  home Barista who demands only the best, this product has been engineered to deliver professional level performance and features to the home. It took many years and a lot of passion to make the ES1. It is carefully created and engineered just as the professional Synesso machines. No compromises, no shortcuts, just the high performance, features, and quality you’ve come to expect from Synesso.

A conveniently-positioned PID interactive control interface allows users to replicate the specialty cafe experience at home. These machines have unparalleled  temperature stability and MVP capabilities for a home machine. Wherever you use this machine; at home, the office or even a low volume cafe or bar, it will tick all the boxes in optimising and enhancing your coffee experience. 

Using residential 220-230V power, pro-level steam and brew tanks combine water paths through brand new technology (patent pending) that allows both coffee brewing and steaming at the same time, all whilst maintaining precise thermal stability. This is exactly what we expect of Synesso, innovation in action. Brilliant!

Further enhanced Manual Volumetric Programming found on our commercial machines is brought to the home allowing control over extraction pressure and volume. Control extraction pre-infusion, infusion, and ramp-down pressures. Commercial-quality pressure control at home.

Experiment, learn, and engineer your coffee as you like it. View your historical shot data, then save as many recipes as you like. Get creative!

Control coffee parameters via a detailed touch screen, then extract your shot using Synesso’s famous intuitive manual brew controls for a hands-on experience. Coffee-making can still be fun!

High-heat coffee brewing water shouldn’t scorch your tea. Control tea-spout temperature and dispense volume for other beverage needs. Goodbye tea-kettle.

Control your pressure ramps manually OR set to auto-volumetric to let the ES1 proprietary technology react to your coffee and extract it perfectly every time. You do you.

Enjoy the BPA-free, easy-access water reservoir OR use the plumbed-in option. Refill water easily without needing to remove anything! Your choice.

The Synesso design philosophy also applies to software. Clean, simple, and to the point with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Enjoy an interface with parameters, extraction histories, pressure graphs, and helpful touches that make using the ES1 a joy. No gimmicks, just what you need done well.

  1. Cool-touch steam wands
  2. Actively heated group head
  3. Premium quality commercial components
  4. Future-ready software capable
  5. New design Synesso portafilters
  6. Heavy-duty exterior powder coating

  1. 22″ X 17″ X 17.5″ (56cm X 43cm X 44cm)
  2. 220-240v, 15amp
  3. 80lbs (36kg)
  4. 3-liter water reservoir
  5. Launch colors: Black/White/Blue/Red
  6. Stainless steel, brass, copper construction

  • Why is Synesso ES1 so popular?

Synesso ES1 gained attention mainly due to the inclusion of customizable features, unique build, and the availability of brew boilers inside the machine. This modern espresso machine integrates the latest technological features to efficiently produce the best shot of espresso.

  • Is the brewing profile in Synesso ES1 customizable?

Yes, users can easily create and customize brewing profiles in Synesso ES1. For coffee fanatics out there, this one is the best option as you can optimize brew temperature, pressure, and pre-infusion period to create a personalized brewing experience to fit different taste buds and coffee beans.

  • Is the Synesso ES1 user-friendly?

Although Synesso ES1 comes with in-built, high-tech elements, the machine can be easily used by people who are not tech-savvy. The intuitive interface present in this espresso machine ensures that you can easily browse through different settings. Also, there is an option to switch to manual mode if you prefer a hands-on approach.

  • Can you brew other types of coffee using Synesso ES1?

Though Synesso ES1 is celebrated for making the perfect cup of espresso, you can use the machine to brew other coffee types. This is due to the customizable features and brewing profiles that are present in the product. So, it is possible for a user to experiment with different flavor types using Synesso ES1.

  • Can you use different cup sizes in Synesso ES1?

Yes, this espresso machine can easily accommodate different cup sizes and offer you a seamless experience. Also, it comes with a cup warmer feature to help you maintain the ideal temperature for your espresso.

  • How often to replace the grinding components in Synesso ES1?

This depends on the usage frequency and the type of coffee beans you use for making espresso. Usually, you will receive all the directions for replacing different components from Synesso. Follow them closely to improve your espresso machine’s shelf life.