S Series

The S Series is built to be reliable and accessible.

The S200 and S300 are approachable, volumetric machines with the quality that you come to expect from Synesso. The machines have the same standard Synesso internal components as found in the MVP and Hydra. Including no wear parts on the group head, digital timers for shots, customisable programs for temperature for each group head, individual brew boilers and steam wands that are cool to touch.

Volumetric programming controls extraction, with each group allowing two user designed programs. The hand held display gives control of water count and  preinfusion duration (optional), which can be saved as desired.

Additional settings include the ability to program the hot water tap with mix valve, arcade inspired buttons for group purge and a program for auto back flush.

The steam valves are ambidextrous, with actuators that can rotate 180°, giving instinctive use for both right and left-handed baristas. The exclusive 4 or 6 hole steam tips make the S Series ultimately customisable for the preference and skill level of the individual.

The coffee machines stand at just 17 inches, this and 3-position height-adjustable drain tray offers great flexibility for installation. There is also an optional in counter install making the profile even lower. The S200 and S300 are available in an all white or all black exterior, with additional wood finish also available.

  • Individual brew boilers
  • Programmable temperature per group head
  • Group heads with no wear parts
  • Inbuilt digital shot timers
  • Removeable heat exchangers
  • Programmable piezo hot water tap
  • Cool touch steam wands
  • 180° swiveling steam wand actuators for right or left hand operation
  • Synesso exclusive stainless steel steam tips
  • Auto back flush setting
  • Wired hand held display
  • 3-position height-adjustable drain tray
  • Water resistant cup warming tray


  1. Power: Single Phase
  2. Volts: 220
  3. Amps: 30

Brew & Steam:

  1. Watts per Element, Steam Tank: 2000 x 2
  2. Total Steam Element Wattage: 4000
  3. Steam Tank Capacity: 7.7L
  4. Watts per Element, Brew Tank: 700 x 2
  5. Brew Tank Capacity: 1.9L x 2

Machine Dimensions:

  1. Height: 368mm
  2. Width: 686mm
  3. Depth: 600mm
  4. Machine Weight, Empty: 74kg

Specialty Batch provides a one year parts and labour warranty and a two year parts warranty* on all Synesso machines sold in the UAE. So if you have any issues with your Synesso during this period, please contact us via our Contact Us page.

* The two year parts warranty is under the proviso that a regular preventative maintenance schedule has been maintained.




Colour Options

The Synesso S200 comes directly from Seattle HQ in both matt white and matt black as standard options. Other colors may be available upon request.


Wood Kit

Add hand crafted wood accents to the steam levers, portafilter handles and brew handles.
Synesso S300, S200