We have an unconventional approach when it comes to wholesale coffee supply.  We are synonymous with high-end coffee supply and distribution through a selective screening process.  This allows us to focus our attention, customer service and stringent quality controlled coffee to the cafes and restaurants who want something different from the ‘mainstream’; something exclusive.  We don’t aim at positioning ourselves as one of the leading coffee suppliers for mere volume but rather for unprecedented quality.

Subsequently, when customers see our brand at any coffee bar around the UAE, they are assured of a consistent yet familiar cup.

We do all this by making sure that our selected partners are provided with exceptional roasted-to-order coffee, comprehensive ongoing support and secret shopper quality checks to ensure that they are capable of offering their customers the best coffee experience possible.

At Specialty Batch, we strongly believe that our success is measured by the ongoing success of all loyal and long-term partners and clients.

If you have a cafe/coffee bar and you are interested in working with Specialty Batch Coffees, please fill in the enquiry form and we will get in touch with you.


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