• New to the coffee business?
  • Home coffee enthusiast?
  • Or looking to better your skillset?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.


our roles

We’ve assembled an amazing group of experts to help you achieve all your coffee education goals.

The landscape of speciality coffee is constantly changing and we’ve invested heavily to make sure that our content continues to reflect the current best practices for professional development. We offer short, intensive courses that focus on a range of topics that utilises a systematic approach with hands-on core principles in aspects of coffee grading and evaluation, coffee roasting and coffee preparation.

Without the right skills and knowledge, all the great coffee sourcing, roasting and equipment selection can go to waste. With the sole objective of raising standards, we are proud to announce the formation of our Specialized Coffee Training Hub.

the hub

We’ve decked out our facility with brewing, espresso, roasting and cupping tools to offer on-going skill development for both new and experienced coffee enthusiasts. Working in tandem with the Specialty Coffee Association, our training hub in Dubai operates as the only licensed SCA training facility in the region and exclusively hosts all SCA’s Coffee Skills Programs and Certifications.

Our training centre is the physical realization of Specialty Batch Coffees’ desire to equip coffee enthusiasts and professionals with the tools and knowledge to express their beverage to its fullest potential, and venture into the specialty coffee arena.


buildingthe community

Our venues also serve as a forum for the local coffee and barista community. From time to time, we host open events and public cuppings, masterclass workshops and social gatherings. These events provide outstanding opportunities for people to build new connections by sharing ideas and techniques in an inclusive environment.