Achieving outstanding coffee is quite a challenge. Even with some impressive Coffee Skills under your belt, doing it consistently is a whole different game. This task gets harder if your equipment is constantly working against you. Inconsistent grinding & dosing, fluctuating brew temperatures, quick to fail components and outdated technology are the bane of any specialty cafe.

Luckily, there are some extremely talented people out there making incredible coffee gear that can eliminate some of those pesky variables. We’ve tracked down and partnered with some of these folks to assemble a selection of leading equipment to enable your delicious brews.


The pinnacle of espresso brewing. The highest standard of quality control is achieved by building these machines one by one. Built in Seattle, by true artisans who form, weld and finish these machines by hand. The process of hand crafting espresso machines by experts that love coffee results in one exceptional espresso machine.


Poursteady is a systematic, automated yet fully-customisable pour-over coffee machine combining precision motion-control with unprecedented speed and reliability. Poursteady is a pour-over coffee brewing machine combining precision motion-control with unprecedented speed and reliability. Perfect for your busy café, restaurant or coffee bar


Meet SOLO, a revolutionary Espresso Grinder that is guaranteed to enhance your coffee experience, while saving you on coffee wastage, time and money! Designed and built by the Italian-based visionaries, Grindie, the amazing SOLO grinder stands leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. We are proud to introduce the most precise and innovative Espresso Grinder to the Middle East coffee community.


Over the last 50 years, ANFIM has been exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing and perfection of a wide range of coffee grinders. Considered by coffee professionals worldwide as among the top choice in grinders, ANFIM assures extreme reliability, efficiency and a long life thanks to high-qualityty build.With a unique grind control modification, these grinders can reduce your coffee wastage by 15% – 35%.


Developing the grinders from scratch allowed us to strive for perfection in every detail, inside and outside. We want our products to be long-lasting friends on your journey to perfect coffee. The product features are highly sophisticated and at the same time guiding you in a simple way towards the ultimate grind. Because there is no good coffee without a great coffee grinder. Our grinders are for the inspired. For the ones that see coffee making as an art. For the ones admired when preparing coffee.


support technical
service, above and beyond

The strength of any equipment supplier lies in their ability to offer unparalleled after-sales technical support. Not only do we offer competent over-the-phone support that has a track record of resolving 90% of all field technical issues, but we also have a quick, 1-hour response time to all emergency call-outs; ensuring you have absolute minimal downtime.

We are the Authorised Technicians of all Synesso Espresso Machines, Poursteady and Anfim Grinders and we maintain a large inventory of all OEM spare parts.

What’s more, we also offer technical support and parts for most other Espresso Machine brands in the region.

If you require technical support, kindly register so that we may assist you as efficiently and as promptly as possible.