Making exceptional coffee can be quite difficult. Even with extensive specialty coffee knowledge at your fingertips, making a consistent coffee is a whole different game. This gets more difficult if your equipment is forever working against you. Changes in grind & dose, differing brew temperatures, unreliable components and out of date tech are the torment of any specialty cafe.

Luckily, there are a few talented companies out there making outstanding coffee machines that can put an end to some of those annoying variables. We have found and partnered with the best of these companies to bring together a selection of world leading coffee equipment to give you delicious brews.

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The best of espresso brewing. These Coffee machines are built one at a time, to ensure only the highest standard of quality control. True artisans build these Coffee machines in Seattle. They are formed, welded and finished by hand. The process of experts, who love coffee, hand crafting espresso machines, results in truly exceptional espresso machines.


Poursteady is an automated, but fully adjustable pour over machine. It combines precise motion control with unheard of speed and reliability. Poursteady is the perfect choice for your busy coffee bar, restaurant or cafe


Introduction SOLO, a radical new espresso grinder, which is guaranteed to improve your coffee grinding experience and also save you time and money by reducing wastage. These Coffee machines were designed and built by visionaries based in Italy. Grindie, the SOLO grinder, stands head and shoulders above the competition. Introducing, to the Middle East, the most precise and innovative espresso grinder money can buy.

For 50 years, ANFIM has been dedicated to perfecting the manufacture of an extensive range of coffee grinders. Considered worldwide as one of the top choices in grinders, ANFIM guarantees reliability, efficiency and a long life span thanks to the exceptionally high quality of build of these machines. With unique grind control, these grinders have the capability to reduce your coffee wastage by up to 35%.


Bentwood designed these grinders from scratch, paying particular attention to detail and striving for perfection inside and out. Their products have a long life span and the high quality build helps coffee professionals on their journey to the perfect coffee. Although the features of these grinders are highly specialised, they are easy to use and guide you to the perfect grind in a simple way. There is no good coffee without a good grind. These grinders are designed for the inspired coffee professionals, who see making coffee as an art form.


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service, above and beyond

The strength of any Coffee equipment supplier lies in their ability to offer unparalleled after-sales technical support. Not only do we offer competent over-the-phone support that has a track record of resolving 90% of all field technical issues, but we also have a quick, 1-hour response time to all emergency call-outs; ensuring you have absolute minimal downtime.

We are the Authorised Technicians of all Synesso Espresso Machines, Poursteady and Anfim Grinders and we maintain a large inventory of all OEM spare parts.

What’s more, we also offer technical support and parts for most other Espresso Machine brands in the region.

If you require technical support, kindly register so that we may assist you as efficiently and as promptly as possible.