The right coffee machine is the key to soaring your cafe dream. Since espresso is the staple of all cafes, getting your equipment right is well worth your time. We’ve been working with the amazing team at Synesso since 2013, and we are proud to exclusively serve as their brand distributor.

Synesso espresso coffee machines are built to order by hand by a small specialised team in Seattle, these machines have been built with ease of use and excellent engineering in mind. A range of models deliver various volumetrics, multi-boiler tech and pressure profile systems.

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With multiple variables at play in the skill of making an excellent espresso coffee machine, the ability to control any of these aspects becomes vital in creating a reproducible recipe for espresso shots. Synesso is an industry leader in heat and water systems with high stability, and reduced loss, which results in a system with a maximum variation of only 0.75˚, at any point in the brew process - even when in high use. No more temperature surfing with these systems.



Pre-infusion is now a common tool in espresso creation. By evenly saturating the puck of espresso grounds, you reduce the negative impact the channeling of the coffee machine may sometimes have. The Synesso tech includes Pre- infusion times that are programmable per group, giving outstanding control. This option is included on every Synesso model. By choosing the leading coffee machine supplier in Dubai, you get access to these innovative features.



Volumetric function involves programming a set volume of water to pass through the portafilter for each use. Our coffee machines in UAE come with 6 customisable settings for different volumes. This function removes baristas’ concern about when to turn a shot off, and increases reproducibility of brew parameters. Our MVP and MVP Hydra models contain the volumetric function.

Our Coffee Machines and Models


Introducing our premium home espresso coffee machine, the ES1. Built by Synesso experts for home use, for a home Barista who demands only the best, this forefront coffee machine in UAE has been engineered to deliver professional level performance and features to the home. It took many years and a lot of passion to make the ES1. It is carefully created and engineered just as the professional Synesso machines. No compromises, no shortcuts, just the high performance, features, and quality you’ve come to expect from Synesso. More details are coming soon, until then, thanks for appreciating the quality of Synesso and being serious about your coffee.

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MVP Hydra

Built on the many tools provided by the MVP, the MVP Hydra offers even more ways to increase control and reproducibility in espresso production. This espresso coffee machine model has universal group heads with changeable brew modes, 6 program positions per group, new standard timer displays and water count control. All giving you the ability to fine tune your recipes at the most precise level. The unique bypass system, which offers 4 customisable stages of pressure profiling- Preinfusion, Ramp Up, Full Pressure (9 bar extraction), and Ramp Down is standard on the MVP Hydra. You can choose settings to maximise the acids, sugars and texture of your coffee. These customisable stages allow for greater control of an espresso shot. As the leading coffee machine supplier in Dubai, we give the user the ability to get the very best of any roast profile.

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The MVP maintains the incredibly high standards of the Cyncra, including Synesso’s unrivaled thermal stability, intuitive controls, and reproducibility. Synesso knows that reproducibility is an essential need for any espresso coffee machine user. The MVP patent pending tech, provides unrivaled tools that allow you to program and save your espresso recipes in seconds and then reproduce them to perfection on any group, as often as desired. With this functionality, you can change the group top level Brew Mode at any time from full Manual Mode to Manual Program Mode, to Volumetric Mode. This meets the need for volume specific dosing in cafes where speed of service and consistency are key, all without removing the ability to manually set exact specifications for different coffees. All of this means you don’t have to choose between control and reproducibility, this machine does it all. Even with all these specs, the numbers for this coffee machine price in Dubai come in an affordable range.

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S Series

The Synesso S series machines are perfect for a smaller sized cafe (5kg - 30kg), roastery quality control lab or in an extremely coffee centric break room. These coffee machines are built with the same durability, thermal stability and high performance you’d expect from Synesso machines, but with a lower profile and smaller footprint, making them ideal for a more compact space.

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