Maui Mojito




Acevedo, Huila


Claudia & Rodrigo Sanchez


Purple Caturra


15.5 days Washed co-fermentation


1730 MASL


Sparkling Acidity With Notes Of Mango And Pineapple. Finishing With Notes Of Vanilla, Maple Syrup And Sweet Lime


Additional Info

Discover a new dimension of Colombia with our exclusive release limited lot coffee, a testament to the country’s innovation in specialty coffee.

Colombia’s diverse climates and geographical nuances foster unique flavour profiles across its coffee, enabling a year-round harvest of fresh crops. The specialty coffee industry’s evolution has led to a more discerning separation of beans, allowing farmers to market their highest quality lots under distinct brands and narratives. With an expanding array of certifications, including Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, and Organic, Colombia continues to innovate within the global coffee landscape.


This exclusive lot undergoes a meticulous co-fermention process, starting with a carefully curated fermentation culture comprising lactobacillus and saccharomyces cerevisiae. A selection of this culture is enriched with mango, mint and a natural sweetener, such as panela or molasses, enhancing the fermentation process and matching the coffee’s sugar content to optimal levels. The process takes 190 hours to achieve the desired Brix degrees and pH for coffee processing.

The final step sees the parchment washed and dried on parabolic beds for 20-25 days, ensuring even drying and the preservation of its unique flavour profile.

Embark on a journey through Colombia’s rich coffee tradition with this rare and exquisite lot, where traditional techniques meet innovative processing to create a cup that’s as unique as its origin.


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