Specialty Batch Coffee


Welcome to Specialty Batch Coffee. We are coffee roasters, cafe equipment suppliers and coffee educators based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We believe in quality over quantity, which is why we tend to sweat the small stuff. We treat our coffees not just as a beverage but also as a 'work of art'.

Our job starts with sourcing only the highest quality (Specialty graded) beans from around the world. Then, through a fine mix of art and science, we dial in our recipes and hand roast our beans in small batches, paying extra attention to detail. Each batch is scrutinized and any imperfections are removed before and after the roasting process.

We take pride in our overall approach to representing Specialty Coffee and at the end of the day, our motto is simple: Preserve the integrity of Exceptional Coffee and Create a Specialty Coffee Experience

Whether you're a coffee lover who wants the best possible coffee for the home and/or office OR if you're a café owner looking for exceptional coffee to serve to customers, we've got you covered from bean to cup.


We source our coffees from top producing farms and micro lots. We cup all coffees upon arrival to determine how they can best be enjoyed (espresso based and/or filter). We then work towards bringing out the most favorable and ideal flavor characteristics. In order to maintain the freshest stock available and provide our customers with the gourmet coffee experience, ourcoffees are seasonal.


We deal in the most state of the art and user-friendly accessories which compliment specialty coffee preparation methods. These are must-haves for any coffee shop in a commercial environment and also work wonders for any coffee enthusiast in a more personalised enviroment.


Specialty Batch Coffee are proud to represent SYNESSO™ in the Middle East region.  In alliance with worldwide pioneers of excellence within their own right, we look forward to driving the specialty coffee market towards a whole to level of quality.


Our choice of equipment reinforces our coffees to the fullest. We have chosen our equipment and product partners carefully in order to provide our customers and clients with the most complete specialty coffee experience. Our expertise and dedication is derived from our longstanding roles within the various developed specialty coffee cultures of Australia, Europe and USA. We still maintain a reputable involvement with many renowned Specialty Coffee Associations around the world and we are active committee members that assist in developing the global education of Specialty Coffee.

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